Community Based Workshops 2017/18

“Flea Training” 

This is a workshop on destroying the ties that bound us for so long. We all know of someone who has never left the community or always lived in the same place for many years? They never experience the joy of seeing the world or meeting new people. They even still have the same hair for a year and never change their look. They get stuck and often say ?Well that‟ just the way I am!? this workshop will allow us to break barriers and to make change easier for those used of thing being the same. This is on personal development

“Changing Why Me…to Try Me! 

This will help us develop a higher self-image and how to conduct yourself with confidence. If you feel good about yourself it will show on your body and if you are confident and feel great it also shows on your body. When positive and happy you just become more attractive and if negative or bitter people don‟ want to be around you. This whole workshop will teach you to use your body to become more confident attracting only good things in life.

“Strength Grows out Of Struggle”

We all have experienced tough times and it‟ how we face them that‟ important because all we experience develops your character and makes up who you are. People who are negative or bitter are this way because of something that happened or something they experienced that they choose to feel bitter about. This shows in their face or how they carry themselves. We ask our participants to change their vocabulary like ?I am having a Bad day to I am having a Character building day or an alarm clock to a opportunity clock. So we can see that what we‟e gone through can make you resentful or grateful.

“If You Laugh…You Last!” 

This is a Full day of using laughter to heal. We say ?if you laugh in your relationship, your relationship will last? or ?if you laugh in sobriety …sobriety will last!? This will impact your relationships, your work, your children, your friends almost immediately if you decide to change with no reservations. This is high energy and you will literally laugh so much it will make your body tired. A healthy tired.

“Believe and Achieve” 

I was told that we have on average 50,000 thoughts a day, how many are negative thoughts? or about someone else? How does your current everyday thought govern your future? Every thought you think is creating your future, the point of power is always at the present moment this means we can change at any time and we don‟ have to be the way we are. This will help us all use our thoughts to attract the good things is life.

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