Personal Development and Healing 2017/18

“You the Sculptor”

How you can construct your own masterpiece and put the plan in motion. The creator says, “if you don’t move…I don’t move‟ doesn’t this means that what you are working to do esn’t‟ just need faith it needs work too and to work without bitterness. Your thoughts are the carving tools for what you are developing and this will teach you to use your tools proper and to be patient.

“Free at Last! Free at Last!

A fun workshop for those in recovery who are striving for serenity and happiness. There is no way to happiness… happiness is the way.

“Making My Life Count”

many people go to the spirit world never discovering their true potential, we often say they had so much going for them but they left this world never knowing. The way to make your life count is to Give with no expectations in return and to work hard at this. People who love themselves and their bodies neither abuse neither themselves nor others. When you love yourself and feel good about yourself we tend to want to give it away and first nations wealth is not based on what we have or what we accumulate rather it‟ based on what we give that‟ what makes you wealthy. To make your life Count is to give as much as you can.

Having fun in sobriety- SOBER stands for Son Of A B#@!*

Everything‟ real and we tell our relatives that you really can have fun without substances like alcohol or drugs or gambling. This workshop just allows participants to have fun and learn to incorporate fun in your recovery.

“Learn to be the rider and not the Horse”

Leadership workshop for Caregivers and frontline workers. Self-care and how to develop new skills that will make your job easier. Learning to balance Life and work so that it doesn’t‟ suck the joy from your life and home.

“Having Fun in Recovery-Reclaiming Me!”

If you laugh hard enough, tears will come to your eyes. Laugh even harder pain will come to your stomach. We have always used laughter as a way to heal in all of our workshops or conferences and we tell all who attend that bad times aren’t here to stay…they are here to pass. and when life knocks you down and life will do that at times ….make sure you land on your back because if you can look up! You can Get up. Joy

“Changing “I” to “We”-Trusting Life As It Is…a

powerful workshop on surrounding yourself with positive like-minded people. They say that how far you go in life will be determined by who you surround yourself with and on that note There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire they has many people help them get there. My mother always told me to watch out for the “I” specialists? the ones who say “I” did this and “I” did that. Did you know the five people you spend most of your time with are those you’ll end up to be like? Teambuilding

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