Soup & Bannock For The Soul 2017/18

“Soup & Bannock For The Soul-Making your Journey a Joyful One”


This workshop will help all to develop a hunger for Life & how to use laughter in a healthy way without hurting others. We say how can you build someone up by calling him down? This will be a couple hours of good clean Fun. Inspirational

 “Soup & Bannock for the Soul – I’ve Got the Power!”

This will be a fun way to end the workshop with new innovative approaches to recovery and healing. You will never see life the same and once you discover your gifts and you work on them..they will make room for you. Success and True Happiness is something you attract by the person you become along the way. Healing through Humor.

“Soup & Bannock for The Soul – The Law Of Attraction”

This has been practiced in the first Nations community for thousands of years and our very language and legends are based on this theory of Attracting Good things in Life and that we are all Spirit having a human experience and we are all here to walk each othert home. This workshop has a first nation flair and by using humor througout its our goal not to please you but to amaze you with information you’ve had all along and all you need to do is act on it. You’ll never see a tree only grow hald as much as it could? right well we are the only species who will go to our grave and never fulfill our destiny because of what we think everyday. This empowering workshop will allow you to unleash what you’ve been sent to do or to nurture your existing gifts by using some very basic Laws of Life to attract what belongs to you.

“Soup & Bannock for The Soul – Why Am I Here? (Youth Program)

Many of us ask this question “Why Am I Here?”  many of our youth never get to see the country or never leave thier tribal area ,this workshop will stretch the mind to allow our youth to see the possibilities that they are really here for a reason and by learning new techniques that will uplift the spirit and enhance confidence we will share on how to invest in yourself by learning about the Mastermind alliance that a weak foundation leads to multiple failures and they are truely failures if you don’t learn from them. This is a fun full 3 day workshop for our youth to develop new Insights about achieving all they can in the Future with no limitations.

“Soup & Bannock for The Soup – Having Fun In Sobriety”

One time my spiritual Teacher Alden Pompana asked me “Are you Happy? I replied Yes I am and he said “well you need to tell your face” and fromn that day I have started to make my journey on the Red Road or a road of recovery a fulfilling one with lots of laughter and to make an impact on others by saying “If you Laugh… you Last!” and when you’ve made this change in life many get stuck in working on themselves or issues always coming up and this making your recovery very slippery by attracting Chaos or even negative people. We tell our participants that when they take this workshop they will learn how to have fun in sobriety and how to make it a priority. To Attract Happy people … you must Be Happy , To Attract dedicated people … you must be Dedicated & to attract powerful people you must be Powerful! The whole session is based on Having fun in recovery.

“Soup & Bannock for The Soul – An Hour Of Healthy Comedy”

If you have an event planned ie; Staff development workshop , conference event or a community based workshop we can offer an hour that will show us the power of laughter and how it impacts our Day. This hour will definetely tickle the Funny-bone & uplift the spirit of all who attend. “NEW”

“Soup & Bannockfor the Soul”  – Why Am I Here?

A question that we all ask & we designed this to rekindle that spark for Life. I was taught many years ago that if I can’t see tomorrow I need to look at my plan for life & if I don’t have a plan , how can I possibly see a future. I really do Believe that we all have purpose & its up to each person to find out why we are here. This workshop will allow us to tap into our untapped potential resources by learning how to design our own blue print for life & more importantly how to stay on track.

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