About – Fred Anderson



Fred Anderson Jr.

Tribe: Heiltsuk and Wuikinuxv Nation

Origin: Born at River Inlet BC in 1966

Raised at Bella Bella BC

When taking a look at the work of Nanaimo’s artist, Fred Anderson Junior, one will find most impressive, the cultural link to the past reflected therein. The composition and subject matter of Anderson’s formative years were spent between Rivers inlet BC and Bella Bella and through the influence of his own family and friends, who were masters in Heiltsuk tradition art developed as a means of expression and came as second nature to him. Through the guidance of noted artist, Ross Hunt and David Gladstone, Anderson was able to develop his talent at very young age.


He has since then evolved as an accomplished artist in his own right, experiencing outstanding success and acceptance. Anderson’s art is a reflection of the strength and hope he derives from his own personal history. Each piece has a unique meaning to him based on the teachings of his ancestors. Anderson dreams that today’s young artists can gain knowledge and encouragement from the masters. He himself offers his support through art exhibitions that Anderson believes, have provided aspiring First Nation artist the ability to exhibit their talents at the elbow of acknowledged masters of the arts. He also sees how art exhibitions allow dealers, collectors, and the general public to meet, in person, famous people and rising start in the media.


Anderson was proud to make the short list for the 2010 Olympic games’ logo with his spirit bear called “Awaken the Spirit”. Although Anderson currently resides in Nanaimo, one can find his art work hung in galleries all over Vancouver Island and the Mainland. His artwork can also be found on a smaller scale, such as greeting cards, calendars, and t-shirt. Many of his work are commissions, such as the eagles in a heart, a symbol of eternal love, often purchased as wedding gifts or the Heiltsuk Sisiuth and Moon commissioned as a comforting gift in bereavement.


Finally Fred Credits Matt James and Bill Smith for their support through the early years in Sobriety that allowed Anderson bring his work to a new level that influences many upcoming artists to stretch the cultural barriers and create beautiful conversations for years to come. Not only did Bill and Matt help Fred develop the art but they also played a huge role in restoring the confidence and self-esteem lost while living his life in addiction, Fred is thankful and he say’s never be forgotten.


“If you change on the inside …. your outside has no choice but to follow”


Fred Anderson Jr.