Awaken The Spirit – September 2017

Day Three

9:45 AM – 10:00 AM
Opening Prayer and welcoming by Respected Elder.


10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
“Soup & Bannock For The Soul”

Having Fun In Recovery! This will definitely Wake you up and get us all energized for the day ahead. I had my Teacher Alden Pompana Say to me Years ago “Fred are you Happy & i said Yes .. and he said are you Really and I said Yes again and he said Then Tell your Face. He absolutely loved being around my previous workshop Partner because we created laughter everywhere we went. We Learn “If you Laugh… you’ll Last! so I Keep Laughter in every event or workshop we do. Your cheeks will be hurting by days end.

11:00 AM – 11:15 AM
Additional Break


11:15 AM – 12:00 Noon
” Attracting Great Things in Life”

a session with Stan and Fred based on The Law of  Attraction” where we’ve designed this so our peoples can really see our culture and Language is parallel and has many simularities to our traditional way of life.

12:00 Noon – 1:00 PM
Lunch with Fast Eddies Pizza


1:00 PM – 2:15 PM
It’sNot Over Until I Win!

I’ve Learned That forgiveness means giving up and letting go. In order to Really win in life we have to let it all go. As long as we feel victimized we give up our ability and power to Change in a positive way , we will change but for many life ends too early. 

This is meant to enhance Confidence and self esteem & allow many to just Let go and move forward in Life , I adopted the Motto “Live Full and Die Empty!” where we live life to its fullest because we can’t take it with us. You will Receive tools for Life and not for Death. Fred And Mark Beaver

2:15 PM – 2:30 PM
Addiction Break


2:15 PM – 3:15 PM
“Embracing The wisdom of the Old People”

In order to accomplish your Dreams we first Must Wake up , This whole event is designed to open doors , to Break down walls and to celebrate you time here. We are only here for a while and one day our creator will ask what have you done with the gifts I gave you?

To close our Day I heard these words from a good friend “The things we do for Ourselves we get to take with us and the things we do for others we leave behind. Our Goal is to Inspire you , to Motivate you and to help you start your journey of life and not just existing . We are all here for a Reason What’s That Reason?

To Register

visit  & fill out our online registration form or you can contact us directly by calling (250)619-9681 or email .

Cost to Attend:

Just $75.00 per person and if you want to attend evening events add $15.00 to you registration fee which comes to a Total of $90.00 per person to attend. Out seating capacity is limited so please book early you will see a few of the best first Nations speakers in the country.


We will have a vendor set up selling coffee and cold drinks and lunch which will cost just $10.00 per day and covers lunch only.


If you want to be close to the event contact the Harbourlight Motel at (250)716-5898  , The Days INN at (250) 980-3925   , Coast Bastion Inn (250) 753-6601 ,  the Ramada at (250)716-2009 & the Howard Johnson Hotel (250) 753-2241 . All Hotels are 10-15 Minutes away from the Wellness Center.

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