Awaken The Spirit Trainers and Facilitators

Awaken The Spirit Trainers and Facilitators

Fred Anderson.

Heiltsuk Nation from Bella Bella BC and has been involved in the Helping field for many Years and first started conducting workshops and seminars when he teamed up with Don Burnstick after attending Round Lake Treatment Center in Armstrong in 1985 and its where Fred developed “Vision Quest” & this is when Fred & Don Became known as the Dynamic Duo. Fred has always been the one to try new ideas and develop new programs. After 25+ years Fred has designed a New Program unlike his previous endeavours and of course incorporates Humor and with the catchie name “Soup & Bannock for The Soul” was Born its very name shows a fresh new approach to recovery & Healing and soon www.Soup& will be launched with webinars , and online training available to all 24/7 with a huge selection of trainings available from our leading experts in thier fields addressing the most inportant an urgent needs of our communities.

Patrick Aleck

Stz’minus First Nation and Penelakut Tribe, & Currently Lives in Nanaimo BC. Patrick new many Years ago that he was born with a Gift and he was reminded daily by many who have crossed his path and he not only Inspires people but literally moves people with his powerful story and uses words like put one foot in front of the other , well Patrick wasn’t Supposed to Walk or Talk and he does both quite well although it took him 8 or 9 years to learn to walk he has used his so called “Disability” as an Ability to share with others who struggle with Life. Patrick is quite open and honest about his journey with Cerebral Palsy and often asks others what your excuse? He has learned in his new walk in recovery that we can’t just wish for things and its more than just prayer we have to get up and take action.
When Patrick was a Teen he went swimming with his sister and she challenged him to take his Life Jacket off , He took that risk and she taught him how to swim and this opened my eyes and this is when he became an athlete & joined the special Olympics and won his first Medal two years later and the best was yet to come when he won 2 Gold , 1 Silver and 2 Bronze at the 2002 BC Summer Games in Kelowna BC and proved to be a huge turning point in his life.
After this Patrick went through a very Dark Time in his life and abused Alcohol and heavy drugs and his Grandmother played a huge role in his life when she told him Patrick you need to move out you are getting to negative and this was the turning point for him and to this day Patrick attends meetings and is very active in the recovery community where he met Fred Anderson and now Mentors Patrick to sharpen his tools and enhance his gift he was born with and his favorite motto is “Only Good things are supposed to happen to me” Patrick is over 3 years Clean & Sober now and lights up a room with his presence.


Stan Matthew.

Nuu Chah Nulth Tribe. Awaken The Spirit Trainer/ Program Coordinator