Booking information

Booking information:


It is the responsibility of the host or community to make sure the training rooms are adequate without interference from outside or foot traffic around the facility. Also, the trainers have specific needs prior to visiting your community and you must have these met by asking the trainer what they need doing upon our visit and necessary equipment i.e. PowerPoint Flip Chart, TV, or handouts.

It‟s the responsibility of the host or community to be sure the budget for the workshop is in place and the trainer is paid upon arrival. The host must arrange travel, accommodations, and meals and to add two travel days to the meal.

Training Fees:

Keynote Address – We are confident we have some of the best and most Dynamic Facilitators that can bring great Balance to the most serious issues in our communities or organizations today. Each Speaker costs a flat fee of $2500.00 for a keynote address and the Travel, Hotels, and meals are the responsibility of the Host & you must secure the dates by contract and a percentage of the training fees plus the Meals prior to booking the event.

If you require less than Three days we do charge the Keynote fees and this is because we have two travel days to each community and this takes care of the additional days away from Awaken The Spirit.

3 Day workshops – most of our agendas and training programs are 3-5 day and you do save funds by booking 3 and more days. Our 3 Day programs are from $3,400.00 for one trainer and $4,600.00 for two trainers and the workshop content requested by the Host community determines how many trainers we need to meet your needs.

5 Day Training Programs – If you book our 5 days programs the cost is $5000.00 for one Trainer and $6500.00 for two Trainers.

28 Day Mobile Treatment Programs for youth- If you are looking at this as a possibility we need to meet to discuss this type of endeavor. all Trainers are well trained in counseling and in many specialized areas’s in recovery and healing. We are confident we can design a good program for those who need it and one of the best things about our programs is that the trainers/facilitators have gone through what they talk about & those attending see this as a huge benefit in the relationships build with our staff.

Coordinate & Plan your Event:

We can design, plan, and implement a training program or Conference event for you and we are very confident our events will be not only unique but will go over and above to ensure we meet our goals and objectives for our host Community.

To do this for you, we would first meet and see what are your goals and timeline to host the event and we do request the control of the event funds be signed over to our events planning team. All of our previous events are designed to be new and innovative and we will be sure to work with your community/Organization to be sure this event will be successful.


Although we are not Comedians we can do an hour of Humor for events and this is a separate cost from your community-based workshops & this fits into the Keynote sections for our trainers who can MC and keep your event moving smoothly and with lots of laughter.

The workshops usually are booked for 3-5 days with a follow up within 3-6 months after the first visit to ensure continuity. We are available to attend existing conference events and we guarantee tons of laughter with all presentations and will bring a nice balance to your event.

NOTE: Please note that our workshops are designed to run on specific hours and they do not change. If our trainers travel alone, the cost might differ for each trainer.

For additional information please call (250)591-0057 or email