Community Based Workshops 2017/18

Community Based Workshops:


We can break these workshops down to create to an hour or we can create 3-4 day workshops using the workshop titles as themes for a community based workshop or you can create a great way to end each day at your planned event that will inspire and uplift spirits.

“The Warrior in Me”

A workshop on enhancing your Confidence and feeding the Warrior Spirit. Many people who have been told for many years that they are dumb or stupid or maybe stayed in an abusive relationship after years they lose their warrior spirit and often can‟t see tomorrow. This workshop will help you change your personal Philosophy or how you‟ve been trained and you can claim what belongs to you and to be better, not bitter, to be Victorious not the victim.

“Pathways To excellence” 

35 simple steps to self-development and self-improvement where you can learn to make your dreams become reality. In order to accomplish your Dreams…you first must Wake up!

“Investing in Yourself” 

Most people spend their whole lives just getting by or as one of my teachers said having far too much month left at the end of the money. If you learn to invest in yourself you will learn that finances will follow and if you have no goals you usually have no money. People, who invest in themselves, become?No matter what people? they will pull through anything no matter what. This whole workshop will teach us to become self-aware, self-disciplined, self-confident and persistent after all failure can‟ cope with persistence.

“I’ve got The Power” 

We know that most people don‟ like change & we become complacent and this is when Life can leave us behind. This session shows us that there is nothing permanent in Life but change. So why not make your change a good change and enjoy the journey because it‟ going to happen anyway. You‟e got the power to handle whatever life presents.

“Going the Extra Mile” 

Most people only do what you tell them to do and nothing more… Will they say?It‟ not on my job description!? or why should I? I don‟ get paid for that!? These are the people who reserve themselves or settle for less than what they think they are worth. Those who do more than what is expected and stay longer after work when funds get low these are the people the boss tries to hold onto or the ones people never forget. People who give of themselves always have room for more gratitude and receive all the awards because they are always giving with no expectations. This is a workshop directed at Teambuilding or staff development.