Personal Development and Healing 2017/18

Personal Development and Healing


“Some Succeed & Others Fail – Why?”

This will teach us why some constantly fail, go broke or fall and why others seem to have the golden touch and things always seem to fall into place for them. This will give some information on patterns and habits that cause us to fall. This is based on our workshop called the 25 major causes of failure and how to reverse them.

“Developing Positive Communication with Oneself and Others”-

this is based on our medicine wheel teachings and the balance of the four components of the human body The Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional. Because if we are sick or unbalanced in anyone of these areas it affects all other components and making life full of turmoil.

“The 10 Emotions Of Power”

How to Empower yourself with 10 simple steps that will make you feel good about yourself.

“The Family & Family Reconstruction”

Based on the reverse of the family trap this will show why we all play roles in the family and how we can change them before our future families or children don‟ have to experience what we did. This show why there is a family hero, a troubled kid , or black sheep , one who‟ quiet or shy and the baby. How you were raised can determine your future relationships as well and we are usually pretty accurate when sharing what kind of partners we pick later in life by seeing what role you played while growing up. This presentation will change the way we parent forever.

“Breaking The Generational Curse”

This has been designed for Residential school survivors who have been stuck with old beliefs and norms that have prevented them from being truly happy. This will start gradual change and give powerful visuals showing why we behave the way we do. After all these years you haven‟ changed a bit! Some take this as a compliment… we will show the flip side to the generational curse. It‟ possible to be happy.

“The Bond”

Re-enforcing our relationships with new tools and showing our couples that its more than just saying something… it actually doing it and following through this will develop a strong bond for life.

“I am Enough”

For Single Parents. Many single parents live their lives feeling angry or abandoned. This workshop will give some tools that boost their confidence and they will learn to throw away the old blame list and gain confidence that they can do it. We usually ask that the eldest child attends as well because they often take the role of the absent parent.