Soup & Bannock For The Soul 2017/18

Community-Based workshops 2017/2018


“Soup & Bannock For The Soul” © Community Empowerment Series


“Soup & Bannock for The Soul” Was Developed by Fred Anderson in 2010 & was first delivered by Fred & Stan Matthew to great reviews from front line workers and First Nations all over British Columbia. We decided to add a Series to Soup & Bannock for The Soul and soon we will offer a DVD Series made available to the Public.

The Name alone gives the people a hint that this series is based on Humor  , we adopted the motto “If you Laugh… you Last!” this proves to be a much needed virtue in your Relationship’s  , at work , & in everyday life. Every workshop uses humor as a healing tool and for those who know our workshop programs know that our programs have a good healthy balance laughter and real life issues. I am very proud to introduce a series that focuses on Positive approaches to recovery & healing with workshop sessions that are designed to uplift the spirit & unlocks the old negative patterns that has held us back for so long. The programs are not just for the people in our communities but can really give our frontline workers and our community leaders a much-needed boost, after all you can’t do well… if you don’t feel well.


 “Soup & Bannock for The Soul-Healing with Humor”


New innovative approaches to recovery and Healing using Laughter. This will be the first in a whole new series that focuses on positive solutions not issues. I was told many years ago that the problem with the problem is the Problem. This series will allow the participants to use laughter to uplift , to enhance your self esteem and to truely be yourself without trying to seek approval from others.I learned a long tima ago that many people die at 21 but don’t get buried until 65… this is what we call the walking Dead and this whole series will bring your true self back to life and learn that life responds to deserve not to need.

“Soup & Bannock for the Soul” – The V Formation.

Did you know why Geese fly in a V formation? They can travel up to 70% further than flying on their own because flying in a V formation it causes uplift so they can go further and they honk to encourage the leader up front. What do we honk from behind? This is focused on Staff Development or Teambuilding.

“Soup & Bannock for the Soul” Second Honey Moon Revitalizing Relationships for Couples.

This workshop will be requested a lot because we know that many couples are only happy on payday. This workshop usually goes for 2-3 days and we often ask our couples to be committed to stay for the duration. Although this is fun and we focus on solutions there are many homes on the brink of collapse and it‟ the children who carry the pain for many years after. This workshop will have you appreciate your partner that we are all human and we make mistakes and the great thing about being who we are is that we can change and if one outgrows the other it‟ hard to get along or to truly love one another. A good friend is someone who walks in, when the rest of the world walks out and a good friend is someone who know absolutely everything about you and loves you anyway.

“Soup & Bannock for the Soul”- The Dreamer.

An inspirational workshop for Youth and Youth at Risk. In order to accomplish your dreams we first must wake up. This workshop is on making your dreams reality and never giving up. There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire… They all had many people help them succeed and this workshop will teach our participants to surround themselves with positive like-minded people. Not only is this inspirational but will change a pattern many of us have lived with for so long and thats our Negative Self Talk , this will teach us to train our mind to focus on the good things in life and how to change the way we use our words like instaed of saying to yourself “I’m Going Through So much Right Now and don’t know what to do ” you can say “I am Growing through so Much right now and I know now what I must Do” Little changes makes big differences in life.

“Soup & Bannock for The soul”- I am Enough for Single Parents.

We usually ask that the parent whether mom or Dad brings the eldest child because it‟ usually that child who fills the void and we need to help them as well. This uses family dynamics and humor as a tool to bring the family closer and to motivate the parent to stay strong.

“Soup & Bannock for the Soul” For the Team.

My Teacher told me to beware of the “I” specialist the one who uses the word too many times, “I” did this.. “I” did that and “I” should have done that, man am “I” ever good. They rarely use the word “WE” this whole workshop has been developed to unite the team and learn how to work as a unit with enthusiasm and trust those we work with. This is a good workshop for sports teams, band council or corporations and is designed to be fun getting all participants involved. This is based on our workshop called “The Art Of communication.

“Soup & Bannock for the Soul” The Warrior Within.

What Makes a Great Leader?  This workshop will allow you to look at the gifts you were born with and to learn how to strengthen your inner self or Warrior spirit , the one that never gives up and is in it to Win it! This will teach you that when you open your mouth you tell the world who you are. A Great Leader makes communication priority in all of his/her relationships and is always open to Change knowing that change first starts within and only then works its way out. 

 “Soup & Bannock for The Soul” Please hear what I am not saying.

This is a powerful workshop that exposes your true self and not the image most of us portray. When growing up we all didn’t want to be the one who wasn’t cool, we just wanted to be accepted and some go to extreme lengths to be popular. This workshop will teach our Youth that you are ok just the way you are and although we are all so different this will show us our similarities and underneath the masks we are the same. This topic also discusses the important issue of Bullying and how to stop this an a Healthy way by showing why some Bully and whats the real message? A Fun activety called “The Gumboot Family with expose how we ended up being the way we are? why theres a troubled child , a popular child with A’s and B’s , or a Shy quiet child or the spoiled cute child who never leaves home. This will give information that shows us how to reverse our roles we’ve been taught.