Staff Development 2017/18

Staff Development


Humor in the Workplace?

start and end the day with something that makes you happy. We will show techniques that will allow you to physically let go of energy we carry from experiences at work. Using humor of course. “NEW”

“He Said…She Said”

The power of words and the way we use them. They can build or destroy. They can Empower you or they can make you powerless. Your Mind had power over every muscle in the human body accept the Tongue. This whole workshop is dedicated to changing how we use words and to ultimately control yourself talk. How do we talk to ourselves? What do you say when you look in the mirror? Remember your thought creates your future and if you are Negative? What kind of future will you have ?and on that note what about if you are Positive? What kind of Future will you attract? The Power of your Word.

“The Seasons of Life”

Using the Medicine Wheel with humor. We give a powerful visual of your past, your present day and your future and how easy it is to change your direction and how it‟ impossible to change your past. We will talk about the winters of life where some winters are long, some short, some hard others easy but they always come. We can‟ wish them away but we can change the way we prepare for them. This is very inspirational and life changing for most.

“Pathways to Excellence”

Staff empowerment. This will share healthy steps to a fun work environment. If you want to move up what do I need to do to achieve this? Or what must I change to become a better team player? The workforce can be very competitive and if you are not prepared with the right tools or attitude we let go. This is great for those who know they have more to offer and are prepared to do what it takes to win.

“The Art of Communication”

I was always told to strive to be on top because of it‟ the bottom that‟ overcrowded … its down here where the sharp elbows are and the sharp tongues are. If you can learn to communicate better speaking with confidence or to take initiative to be a leader you will get noticed. Homes that are worth more than $350,000 have a Library in it, why do you suppose that is? It`s because they know knowledge is key to succeeding and a high percentage of books are on communication.