Staff Development 2017/18


“Healthy Boundaries”

I learned many years ago not to bring my work home and for many of us its tough not to let our work affect our home life and often creates a barrier in our relationships. This session will show us the benefits of creating healthy boundaries and will show us how to not internalize our problems at work. We will also practice some techniques to allow us to separate work from Home. “NEW”

“Cross Culture Development for Corporations”

Many Corporations both large and small have to at some point do business with first nations communities or organizations and often there are issues with communication, Traditions or just basic first nations protocol when entering into first nations territories as an act of respect.This presentation will show our friends how to become first nations friendly and how to carry this to our communities. This is available to both first nations who are now working with large or small first nations friendly corporations or off reserve organizations and for Large or small First nations friendly corporations who are interested in building long-term business relationships with our communities.“NEW”

“Becoming First Nations Friendly”

this is for Large or small corporations who want to take advantage of a growing untapped market that spends an average of 17 Billion dollars per year in the community which is considered off reserve dollars spent in the community. Awaken the Spirit has done numerous presentations with off reserve companies or corporations who do business with our peoples and want to develop ongoing long term business relationships with first nations communities and become “first Nations friendly” NEW

“Addictions in the workplace”

Like many other workplaces we have people who have issues with addictions and this affects progress in the workplace and sets everyone back. We have stated that the workplace is like a human body and if one part of the body is hurt the whole body suffers or is affected, We know that if we let go of someone who has been in their position for many years this will affect productivity and it is better to intervene rather that take other measures and invest in your staff body by incorporating workshops that help them grow and become aware of their own issues in order to move forward.Many issues in the workplace are unspoken like Gambling, Prescription drugs or mental illness and this two-day workshop touches on those issues and others in a kind and discreet manner that doesn’t single anyone out. “NEW”

“The Major Contribution”

This workshop for staff and administration will enhance confidence and self-esteem and rekindle that spark for life. Many who have been working at their position for years often lose the enthusiasm and need a boost. This is a full day of Fun , and uplifts the spirit in the workplace by introducing some easy steps to keeping the spark alive and by doing this it will increase productivity & impact the workplace. The simple question asked is “Is my contribution making a difference? and Am I