Comments from Participants:


1. Gladys Rehm Fort Smith NWT I Se This as a first step in helping our community move forward , We Need to promote these Types of workshops in the future and Get Fred and Mark Back right away! Thank you for concentrating on the “Positive” and Teaching people to let go of the Victim Role. 2016


2. Dale M Nuu Chah Nulth Vancouver Island – Thank you both for sharing your stories , your Humor and by sharing your lives with us that you have been through what you talk about Makes the words stronger and Gives me Hope That Yes maybe… No That YES I Can Make it as Fred Says 😊Even if we laughed a lot I Learned That what I think daily “Is what I become tomorrow” Thank you Fred for sharing you stories and you Life with us I will never forget you.


3. S . Mountain Port Hardy BC – Thank you for coming at the right time in my Life Fred , I really don’t know where I would be if I didn’t drop in? Your words inspired me and seemed like you were just talking to me. I absolutely Loved the Humor and every story you shared had a meaning. I hope you will come back and please know that our community loves you Galakasla


4.Shirley W Vancouver BC Cree Nation – I have called myself an Elder for a long time and after your workshop it opened my eyes about what an elder really is. I love what you said about we have “Elders and Elderly… theres a big difference” I have a long way to go but as you said just because we are older doesn’t mean my time is done ! I have something to life for now! I will not just exist , I will not Kill Time! and I will make my Life a journey of Joy. When you come back I am going to call all my Grand kids and relatives to come join me. Thank you Fred & Mark you both are so much fun and I have never felt this inspired since I got married decades ago and I want to share this with everyone. Soup & Bannock For The Soul Rocks!


5. Andre T. 18 Saulteaux I heard about this workshop hosted by the Dudes Club in the Downtown East side and heard there was lunch so I went and this Guy Fred Anderson talked and for the first time ever all the guys listened right to the end. The workshop was called “Making My Life Count!” and Fred told us he got stuck here and how he got out… A long with the Fun his story is my story , foster homes , Physical , sexual and mental abuse he suffered was a huge soar that made me angry everyday and this guy said he’s never been happier , and doesn’t regret his past. Thanks for sharing yourself with us Fred and I will see you oneday and say My Life is Good. Awesome we need to get him Back.


The workshop was very affective and I came in very reluctant but I never laughed so hard in a long time. This workshop came at the right time I was really going through hard times Margaret R. from Terrace BC Dec. 8th 2008


 I was extremely satisfied with the workshop, there was no crying and the facilitators are sooo crazy. In a good way. Linda P. Sudbury Ont. Feb. 2009


 The workshop was extremely helpful-because it helped me understand myself and allowed me to go home and tell myself ..I love you! I am glad my parents dragged me here, I learned about myself. Ida T. Regina Sask. May 2009


This conference was so much fun and the material was new to me. It really opened my eyes to how I was treating me kids and brought me so much closer to my husband who was wondering who Fred was lol! Once I got him to come he laughed and he wants to quit and stay clean and sober. Hannah G. Kamloops BC July 2009


This workshop was different than the ones I went to before and I left feeling so good everyday , I really hope my community brings this to our area our Kids could use this its so much fun to take and the facilitators are so full of laughter Thank you for giving me hope that I don’t have to be the same again.  Tina K Edmonton Alberta


 Thank you Both for your encouraging words the topics hit home for me & I felt good knowing that I can change without always feeling pain and it felt so good to laugh and I loved the energy from beginning to end Thank you Both so much & I hope to attend another workshop like this soon. Alvina Port Alberni BC September 2014